<aside> 🦉 Welcome 👋 Navigating the COOP (or any DAO) can be overwhelming at times. This WIKI-nest has been designed to provide an owl's-eye view of the COOP and help new owls find their wings. If you're new to the COOP, grab a beverage and give yourself an hour to familiarise yourself with the layout of the COOP.


<aside> 🚧 Please note, this is an iterative process. We're continually striving to make things more efficient. Please let us know in Discord if something isn't working as it should. Any and all feedback welcome.


<aside> 🦉 Just getting started?


To get the most from the COOP, there are a number of platforms you'll want to familiarise yourself with.


GITBOOK (Community Handbook)




<aside> 🦉 What's the COOP all about?


We love diversity and open access to all looking to join, but we may not be for everyone. Before diving in, we'd strongly recommend you invest a little time understanding our mission, vision and values to ensure we're all aligned on the same path. You'll find this information in the GitBook below.

👋 Welcome to the COOP reading

🌟 Our guiding principles

📚 Essential resources